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My watercolor tips and tricks for beginners Part 1

20150225_191829Tip #1

If you are new to drawing  or are intimidated by the idea of a blank space waiting to be filled use a stamp to help you. I used Papertrey ink’ s violets stamp.

Tip #2

I used distress inks to stamp my images on my watercolor paper so that it wouldn’t leave a harsh line. I used dusty concord for the flowers and peeled paint for the leaves. I liked that effect of the outline becoming g part of the painting.

Tip #3

Plan your stamping images out ahead of time. I used a scrap piece of white paper and planned where my images were going to go, so that I didn’t  waste watercolor paper.


I really liked Strathmore watercolor paper. It holds water well. It is inexpensive, but still provides a nice look, especially when  you are just string out like me.

Tip #5

I think the most important thing to have is good brushes. They don’t necessarily have to be super expensive, but  a good brush can really help. The two blue winsor  and newton brushes are the ones I used for this painting. I think the best thing is to try out a few different styles of brushes and see what you like.

Tip #6

I used M. Graham & Co. Paints but there are tons of beautiful watercolor options that work really well for a beginner. I also recommend  a pallette that has lots of wells, so you can mix colors. Watercolor is nice because you can leave your paints on the pallette and just reactivate them with water. This really cuts down on waste if you don’t use the pan style paints. I bought this one at Dick Blick.


Tip #7

Tape you piece down. As you paint your paper will curl and that will affect how the water moves and pools on the paper. I use painter tape and bought an inexpensive foam display board from Michaels. I cut it into slightly larger pieces than my paper so that I had room to tape it down. It provides a stable hard place for me to paint and it is lightweight so I can move it around easily. I like that I can get a large sheet and work on multiple projects by custom cutting it up for what I need.


I’ll continue my tips for the painting process in a new post. I am no expert ,but figured since I am a beginner some of you might have the same questions.

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