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Spring Wreath


I love making wreaths, and I wanted to make a new spring wreath to celebrate the end of winter. I bought a wire wreath frame at Michael’s and some spring floral picks that were on sale. I found the ribbon at Costco and then watched the 4 ribbon wreath video at Craig Bachman imports YouTube chanel. I only had two spools of the ribbon so the wreath wasn’t as full. To combat that problem, I went around twice on the wire wreath frame at different spots on the frame so it was nice and full. I used pipe cleaners to affix my ribbon, but I think I will try zip ties next time like the video suggests.

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4th of July wreath

IMG_20140630_162433I found a great sale at Michael’s today. All their 4th of July stuff was 50% off. I had been wanting to make a new wreath and with that sale I couldn’t resist picking up the materials I needed. Stay tuned….assembly in progress.

IMG_20140630_175625Here is the finished product. For the burlap ribbon, I used floral wire and looped it through the spaces in the ribbon to keep the big loops I made from falling apart. I also used floral wire to keep the flowers in place.  It was just a pretty organic process and I just played around with it until it looked good to my eye.

I love a good bargain, and I finally have a 4th of July wreath.


P.S. I can never leave a project alone, especially a wreath. I added some more of the star burlap ribbon. I am not sure if I will keep it. I will keep readjusting it as I look at it more. I can’ t seem to help myself. 20140630_184243P.P.S I really need to paint my door. My other wreath that is normally there is bigger and it has definitely scratched the paint. Ouch!