Sure fire Ways to Beat a Creative Slump

We all have those times when the creativity just doesn’t seem to flow as well as other times. Often it can be life stresses or a busy schedule, but sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint why the creative juices aren’t flowing. Here are my go-to solutions to reactivate your artistic self.

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1. Surround yourself with artistic images. I like to go on Instagram, Pinterest, or I will even just Google artistic images. I find that setting your mind on artsy mode can be half the battle. You can’t expect to be crafty when you have been cleaning up toys, working in a cubicle, or battling traffic, and have no artistic outlets to get your mind in the mood.


2. Try SOMETHING creative. You might really want to make a card, but the ideas aren’t coming, so switch gears. Try some fun lettering techniques, paint, try a new recipe, color in a coloring book, read a book, or make some jewelery. Sometimes by setting your mind to something creative it will get all those creative ideas going.


3. Get outside. There is no better creative inspiration than the beauty of nature. The colors, shapes, forms, and peace that nature brings can relax your mind, and spur on a new design.


4. Do something else. You can’t force creativity. If there is something else on your mind or a chore that is bothering you left unfinished, get it done. This helps free your mind, so you can create unburdened.

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5. Try something new. Open your mind and be brave and try a new technique or product. Experiment. Make mistakes. Try again. Give yourself free license to just have fun. No one has to see it, but you.


6. Pick a stamp, die, patterned paper,  or theme and gather supplies just for that topic and try to create something just with those things. Narrowing down your supplies can force you to focus. Having your whole stash in front of you can be overwhelming.

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7. Buy something new. I do not advocate buying a ridiculous amount of supplies. I am not a crafter that has to have every new thing. Frankly I find that to be overwhelming and counterproductive to creativity. However, sometimes buying something new can help spur on creativity. It can be something small, like a new stamp pad, one new stamp set, a stencil, some new embellishments,  or even some new patterned paper. Getting something fresh can help get you inspired to mix the old and the new.


8. Just create already. When I am in my worst slumps, I will force myself to just sit down and create. I will usually start small and create a distress ink background, or color in an image and see where it leads. Other times I will just start with a rainbow color combo in some way and that bright cheerful pattern never fails to inspire. Even if I don’t love my first attempts just getting my mind moving never fails to help me produce something I love.


9. Copy something you love.  When all else fails, I copy a design I love. I know I will love the results, and I may not even post these, but if I do I give credit for the inspiration, and most crafty people will appreciate the shout-out. Many times I start off copying it, and will tweak it along the way so it ends up being mostly my own creation.

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10. Join a challenge. When I run out of ideas, I look to the current design/ weekly challenges and see which ones I like. Having a color scheme, or a design template to copy helps get the ideas flowing, and many times there is a prize for the challenge so it is a win-win.

Those are my top 10 ideas for getting out of a design slump.  What do yiu do for a ewsign slump? Hope you got inspired, and thanks for stopping by!


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